C-Library Files

  • To use header files we must first include at the top of the program . This is done with #include statement.
  • Traditional way to include i/o header files is as follows :

Here is the list of some common header files

Header FilesContent & Purpose
<assert.h>Contains macros named as assert and used to verify assumptions made within program and print diagnostic if assumption is wrong
<ctype.h>Contains function prototype for function that test characters for certain prototype for function that can be used to convert lowercase letters to uppercase letters and viceversa.
<float.h>Contains the floating size limits of the system.
<limits.h>Contains integral size limits of the system.
<math.h>Contains prototype for various mathematical library functions , such as pow() function.
<stdio.h>Contains function protype for standard i/o i.e. printf() , scanf() .
<string.h>Contains protype for various string operations.
<time.h>Contains function protype for manipulating time and date
<stdlib.h>Defines four variable types , many macros and functions for performing general operations such as conversion of number to test , memory allocation , random numbers , etc.

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